Samsung Refrigerator Repair in Mt Pleasant, SC

Samsung Refrigerator Repair Mt Pleasant, SC

Samsung Refrigerator Repair in Mt Pleasant.

Samsung Refrigerator Repair in Mt Pleasant.

My exasperated client had an issue I see quite often on Samsung refrigerators, the center door seal which slides into a groove and seals the space between the french doors was badly damaged. All three of the hinges were broken and indeed the housing itself was also getting hairline cracks.

This often leads to other problems such as the refrigerator not being as cool as it should and excessive moisture forming on the inside. All these symptoms are caused by the center seal not sealing correctly on this model.

Another issue is that in Charleston, no one carries a lot of Samsung parts, almost everything has to be ordered as was the case in this repair.

But we have a very good supplier for Samsung who was able to drop ship the part needed and have it here the next day in spite of all the bad weather that week.

We came out as soon as the part arrived and had the Samsung refrigerator working correctly again in no time. Problem solved! If you are having a similar issue and need a hand why not give us a call today, 843 568 5936.

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