Kenmore Top Load Washer Repair Mt Pleasant

Repairing a Kenmore top load washer in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Mt. Pleasant Kenmore Washer Repair

Mt. Pleasant Kenmore Washer Repair

It’s the kind of repair I love to be able to provide! I’m tasked with getting a top load kenmore back online and I really like being able to keep these washers going because they are so much simpler and easier to repair than these over engineered front loaders the appliance dealers are pushing on everyone these days.

In this case, the lid switch is broken and the client had to force it open to get her work clothes out. In the process she broke the lid latch as well. Luckily, both of these are parts that I keep on the truck most of the time so we are able to get the machine back online without having to make a run for parts.

Needless to say the client is happy about having the machine back on the same day and about the fact that the repair comes with a 90 day warranty!

If you have a similar issue and would like to get it resolved quickly and affordably, please give us a call at 843 568 5936.

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