Don’t buy until you’re ready for delivery!

Don’t buy until you’re ready for delivery!

This something I see all the time. Someone has bought a terribly expensive brand-new appliance and only a year later, shortly after the warranty runs out, something breaks down which is expensive to repair. Only this one had a brand-new twist.

In this case the client had paid for his brand-new Samsung dryer, but had Lowes hold it at the warehouse and not deliver it for three months. The problem was the warranty started counting down from the initial purchase date, not from the date that it was delivered and installed.

Had they waited to purchase the dryer till they we’re ready to install they would have had an additional three months of warranty and it would have covered the repair I’m about to do on their dryer. As it stands right now however, their warranty is out and Lowes told them that the cost of repair is on them.

So there you have it maybe not the world’s biggest tip, but one which would have saved my client and probably a lot of other people several hundred dollars in repair bills.

If you need Samsung dryer repair in the greater Charleston and Mount Pleasant area, feel free to give me a call, I’ll be happy to consult with you on whatever problems you’re currently dealing with.

New, thanks for reading, check back soon for more tips!

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The Future Has Arrived

Ladies and gentlemen, the future has arrived, and it’s right inside your front door. The advancing world of tech in 2016 has brought new generations of smart phones, computers and  an impressive lineup of smart home appliances that will undoubtedly change the way you run your household.

Amazon Echo by Amazon, $179.99

The Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo

The Echo is Amazon’s newest and one of their most exciting innovations yet. This hands-free, voice controlled speaker not only fills your home with crisp, quality sound from virtually any music application, but serves as a control center for other appliances in your home — it’s Alexa Voice Service can provide you with the latest sports scores, read eBooks, give traffic updates, news, weather and more. It can even control lights, switches and thermostats with compatible smart appliance technology, and all just by the sound of your voice (which, by the way, the Echo can hear from across the room, even with your favorite song or eBook playing at the same time). Trade in the plastic flowers and the outdated vase and make this slice of Jensen’s-esque technology your new centerpiece.

Nest Learning Thermostat, $241.99

Comfort and efficiency are essentials of any modern home, and the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat has this completely covered. After a week of use, the thermostat automatically adapts to your preferences and habits. That means you don’t have to worry about turning the heat down before bed or to a comfortable 70 degrees while you eat breakfast — Nest has it covered. The Learning Thermostat even knows when you’re away at work and when the seasons change, and adjusts accordingly, saving potentially hundreds of dollars in energy costs without you lifting a finger. And did I mention it comes in different colors? The Nest Learning Thermostat is just as sleek as it is effective, as useful as it is innovative, and will elevate your quality of living in the most effortless way.

August Smart Lock, $229.00

This cutting edge security system delivers the complete peace of mind of a hefty locks and alarms with the ease and convenience of your smart phone. The lock itself can be installed without any changes to your existing doors/exterior, and it works with the free August Smart mobile app to maintain a 24/7 activity log to show you who’s been in your house and when. You can grant self-selected users access to your home with their own personalized virtual key, and delete users at any time as well. The Smart Lock even unlocks your door when it senses you approaching it, eliminating the need for clunky sets of keys while preserving your home’s security.


By Francesca Mathewew

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The Recent Yelp Scandals

The recent Yelp scandals and what the company is doing about them

Yelp Logo

Should you really trust Yelp reviews?

Yelp has recently come under fire from business owners who have accused the company of manipulating reviews to ‘push’ for advertisements. One owner of a restaurant in Brooklyn, Danny Teran, posted a woeful tale about the review company further confirming consumers fears: that Yelp could actually be involved in review manipulation. Teran is not the only complainant, more business owners have claimed that negative reviews popped up after refusal to purchase advertising from Yelp.

These grievances have surfaced amid allegations of extortion from businesses to doctor reviews. In fact, a Yelp Spokesman admitted that the company receives around six requests monthly, ordering it to reveal information about anonymous reviewers. In 2013, Eric T. Schneiderman, New York’s Attorney General, discovered that 19 companies had fake Yelp reviews, purposefully written to attract more customers. Those companies agreed to stop “astroturfing” and were required to pay hefty penalties.

Businesses are employing various ways to dupe Yelp. For example, they can create fake accounts and write reviews for themselves – using the services of creative writers. Worse, there are paid services that are propagating the act. Websites like and allow their users to hire people who perform these heinous tasks.

Another method, recently detailed in the New York Times, is to offer rebates to customers when they write reviews.

There are two main reasons behind false reviews: to trash one’s opponent/competitor and to inflate one’s ratings. For this reason, more businesses are out to leverage on Yelp’s massive traffic as the scramble for reviews continues to experience a surge. According to a study published by Michael Luca, boosting the Yelp ratings for a restaurant – by even one star – can translate to as much as a 9% increase in revenue. This discovery backs a Harvard Business School report that revealed an increase in the number of fake reviews from 5% in 2006 to 20% in 2013.

What is Yelp doing about fake reviews? According to a CBS News report, Yelp has initiated the fight against such reviews by conducting sting operations. The company has set up decoy businesses to try and catch review fraudsters. Ian MacBean, from Yelp, further confirmed that the company is sometimes among the first to respond to Fiverr or Craigslist offers for reviews.

That is not all, in 2012, Yelp started flagging businesses that recorded suspicious activity through the use of Consumer Alerts. The company identified businesses that had been caught red-handed – soliciting for reviews – and pinned an alert on their page to notify consumers about their malicious involvements.

Yelp’s number one defense against these incentivized reviews is the review filter. According to the company, the filter can track all the signals and make decisions on which reviews to display. However, Yelp has not publicized the algorithms that go into this filter; so, consumers have been left to make wild guesses.

By Brian Obudho

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Kitchen Power

Nice Kitchen Appliances

Great Appliances Can Give You An Edge!

When it comes to a home – whether buying or selling, entertaining, or simply scrolling through Houzz or Pinterest swooning over ideas – the room that comes into play more than any other is the kitchen. It can make or break a deal in the real estate market, it can make the difference between being mediocre entertainers and being the life of the neighborhood, and for many, it can make the difference between being an average cook and being one’s own personal gourmet chef.

Here are the top three reasons you should put kitchen appliances at the top of your list for home improvement:

1) Updated appliances will close the deal
When it comes to real estate, many people don’t think about their home strictly as a product they are trying to sell. Emotions often blind a seller because they have so many memories that are attached to the property. However, it is important to remember that, regardless of whether it is a hot market or a stagnant market, you are in competition with every other house in your price category. Your goal is to come out on top as the best option with the fewest needs for improvement.

In a hot market, inventory is low. This means that buyers are often in what could be described as bidding wars, where a house will have multiple offers. By having the newest appliances, your home will have the most competitive edge as far as commanding the highest price.
In a more stagnant market, inventory is abundant. This means that home choices are more abundant and buyers can use discretion with the choices. New appliances can certainly give your home the cutting edge that will steer buyers in your direction.

2) Updated appliances can enhance your social life
Let’s face it: life moves way too quickly. For many Americans, the daily litany goes as follows: they wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, and then go to bed. Wash, rinse, repeat. Why not add some excitement to your life by hosting a neighborhood cocktail party and a potluck dinner?

Most of the latest kitchen appliances are made to handle a food demand that is more suitable for entertaining: quicker cook times, better heat distribution, higher capacity washers, more voluminous refrigerators: and that’s not even mentioning the high end appliances. Be the talk of your neighborhood by hosting weekend dinner parties and showing off your entertaining savvy with your new appliances.

3) Updated appliances can enhance your diet

Motivation is everything in life. It can make or break your intentions for healthy living. No matter how much you want to go on that five mile run or you want to try that new recipe from that healthy eating cookbook, there has to be a catalyst. For many, the desire to eat healthy is limited by time and, you guessed it, motivation. It’s the first step that is the hardest, so when something is pushing you to make that first step, the obstacles seem like minor speed bumps. And what better motivation to cook more than to have brand new appliances?

It is fairly common knowledge that eating out is not as healthy as a home-cooked meal, but it takes energy to prepare and cook delicious meals at home. A brand new gas stovetop or a brand new convection oven could very well be that spark to jump-start your fledgling gourmet talents. New appliances will give you a reason to spend more time in the kitchen and be adventurous with new recipes. After all, the newest toys get the most attention.

There are some areas of the home that can be overlooked as far as improvements are concerned, but regarding quality of life and monetary value, the kitchen is one of the first to which attention should go.

By Andrew Thomas

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Dear Samsung Salesman

Dear Samsung Fridge Salesman,

We Are No Longer Friends.

I know it’s been about a year since we last saw each other, and I haven’t written or called.

Sorry about that.

refrigeratorActually, it’s been 1 year and 2 weeks since we last saw each other. I know that, because the last time we talked, you were selling me a new Samsung refrigerator. And my warranty just expired 2 weeks ago.

You know, the refrigerator you told me was “top-of-the-line.” The most expensive one at your store? You know the one.

Well, I’ve been mostly happy with it aside from a few issues…

It doesn’t chill my food for one thing. I don’t know what the current trends are with “top-of-the-line” refrigerators, but I don’t know if I’m a fan of the “keeping my food and drinks at at a cool 58 degrees Fahrenheit” fad. Call me old-fashioned, but I feel like my leftovers don’t keep as long, and I prefer my milk to be a little colder… and less solid.

I would just put ice in my milk and not complain, except that my freezer doesn’t actually freeze anything. No, the freezer keeps all my frozen goods at a chilly 58 degrees Fahrenheit. I don’t want to be nitpicky, but I think the freezer is normally colder than the fridge.

The icemaker doesn’t make ice either, but I pulled a MacGyver today, and just chipped some of the wall of ice on the back of the fridge into my drink. It freezes over every few days, so I always have a good supply of ice forming on the outside of the freezer.

These new-fangled “top-of-the-line” refrigerators have some interesting design decisions though. I mean, cold on the outside, warm on the inside? It’s almost like it’s less of a refrigerator, and more of a box that food just goes bad in.

That’s kind of what has me peeved with you, actually. As you may remember, I did come into your store looking for a refrigerator. And you sold me a Make-Food-Go-Bad box.

I do really like the water dispenser though. I can start pouring a glass of water, plan my daily schedule, read the newspaper, organize the spoiled food in the fridge, watch a movie, and then 30 minutes after that, I have almost a full glass of water.

And if I don’t want to stand in front of the refrigerator all day, it has the neat feature of constantly leaking water, so I can just leave the glass on the floor in front of the fridge, and come back for it later. Refreshing!

Now, I’m not blaming you, refrigerator salesman. You might not have seen the hundreds of scathing reviews online. And how could you have known when Samsung doesn’t even mention these issues on their support page.

How could you have known?

But now that you do, I’d like your word that you won’t try to sell anyone else one of those Samsung Make-Food-Go-Bad boxes.

Guy Who Wanted a Fridge

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The Failure Sequence

Shoddy Cardboard Repair

Shoddy Cardboard Repair

It’s amazing how often I run into the following scenario, but when I think about it, I would imagine that the manufacturer planned for it to play out the way it did. Anytime I see this sort of thing it makes me sad. I think a lot of people have forgotten the lesson we learned in WW2, that a great deal of our freedom depends on our nations ability to produce quality goods and products. That, so it seems to me is a thing of the past.

So anyway, I’m called out to check on a refrigerator that isn’t keeping the food cool all the time, it will do so most of the time, but sporadically the freezer will come down enough in temperature to allow things to get soft. Ice cream is normally a good indicator of whether or not your freezer is behaving properly. If ice cream is nice and hard, everything is normally good, but when Ice cream is soft and mushy, it is a tell tale sign that something is not right.

The first thing I normally do on a unit is to remove the cover so I can check the evaporator coils and immediately I notice a problem. The coils are nice and cold where they connect to the expansion device but the further you move away from the expansion devise the colder they get.

This is normally caused by a compressor starting to fail. Like a car the compressor has pistons in it which have rings. If these rings go bad, the compressor can fail to achieve the proper head pressure. In simple terms this means the compressor can no longer provide the proper amount of pressurized freon to the evaporator which causes the evaporator to only work at a fraction of it’s capacity.

This normally can be caused by age, but it can also be caused by the compressor working at a higher than normal temperature.

On this particular brand of refrigerator, Whirlpool, the back cover is an important factor in the way the compressor works. The cover makes sure that the air flows properly over the condenser coils and the compressor and removes the heat from the bottom of the unit. However on a previous service call, the owner told me another tech had damaged the back panel and so had made one out of cardboard and then taped it into place.

On further inspection, I found that the tape had given way allowing huge gaps in the back cover which then caused the compressor to work at higher than normal temperatures. After doing so for a period of time, the compressor had reached the failure point. All because the original back cover had been poorly constructed out of paper and had been replaced by one of poorer construction out of cardboard.

Back in the 90’s these back covers were made of sheet metal, needless to say they didn’t have a problem with the failure sequence I described above then. But somewhere along the line, the corporate engineers came up with the idea to save a nickel on the production and replace the sheet metal part with a paper one. The worst part is that I’m sure they were aware of the failure sequence that would set in place and just plain didn’t’ care.

The bottom line is that instead of building appliances to last, as they did in the 50’s, now they are built to fail. The lesson to be learned, don’t allow your appliance repair tech to take short cuts. They will almost always come back to bite you.

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The Year In Pets – 2015

Kittens On Toolbox

Kittens On Toolbox

One of the best things about being an appliance repair man is that you’re constantly being put in close proximity with other people’s pets. As a huge lover of animals, this is one of my favorite things about the job.

While a lot of people put up their animals as a precaution, which is totally unnecessary for me, unless they are prone to biting, which is where I bail out. However, I don’t mind a little growling and grumbling, which is where Tank comes into the story.

Tank was a two year old English Bulldog I met back in March. He and his mother ruled their magnificent domicile in Park West with an iron paw. I was called out to check out a dryer that wasn’t heating correctly and as my client met me at the door she explained the deal about Tank.

“Okay, Tank is not mean and he won’t bite, but he is going to explain the rules to you for a moment. After that he’ll more than likely ignore you.” and so it started. Tank snarled and grumbled for a minute or two while he sniffed me over. While he tolerated a scratch behind the ear, he immediately made it clear that this favor would hold no sway over his final verdict.

This verdict must have been okay because his mother immediately went back to bed while Tank got in a good position to keep himself between me and the rest of the family.

I noticed that if I made too much noise or used my drill too much, Tank would stick his head around the corner for a quick sneeze or reprimand, but that was about it. I could tell he was much relieved when the repair was wrapped up and he could shuffle me off to Buffalo.

The only real damage I got this year was from a head strong Pekinese, I should have known by the way his owner was yelling at him and being completely ignored that he was not to be trifled with. However, me being me and liking to give all animals the benefit of the doubt, I put my finger down for him to sniff. Charlie was not having it, I got a nip! Not enough to draw blood, but enough to hurt a little. While his owner scolded him a little, we could both tell her heart wasn’t in it. In fact, I think she kept him around just so he could give someone the occasional nip.

Another few mentions come from the parrot family. One of the calls I went on was prefaced by the owner putting both dogs outside as he was going to be working in the back yard while I was repairing his dryer. However, I kept hearing the dogs inside, I had even whistled to them but they wouldn’t come to me and I didn’t know what to make of it. As I was taken into the owners office after the repair, I found the issue. His parrot was mocking his dogs exactly. He claimed she took great pleasure in doing so as well.

Willy was an african gray parrot perched in the den next to the kitchen where I was diagnosing an oven. He was very interested in what I was doing and kept whistling at me to get my attention. I decided to take it to the next level. I began to whistle Beethoven’s Fur Elise back, and Willy didn’t know what to make of it. For the next thirty minutes he wrestled and ground it out, ruffling his feathers and bobbing his head occasionally, but he managed to get the whole first 10 notes in order and you’ve never seen another creature as proud of himself as Willy was. He was proudly orchestrating when I left. I wonder if he still remembers the tune?

Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt

My final and favorite story is of a pair of star crossed lovers, Teddy and Elinor Roosevelt, the nicest ferret couple you’ll ever meet. What was interesting about them was that they lived in a beautiful home in Old Park with a menagerie of siblings which by nature should have considered the ferrets lunch. However they did their thing without worrying about whether or not all the dogs and cats which were their cohabitants were pawing or chasing them. They took it all elegantly in stride.

While the ferrets were only mildly interested in me, they were absolutely fascinated with both my toolbox and the dis-assembled dryer I was working on. In fact once Teddy discovered he could fit snugly in the pouch where my cordless normally sat, he camped out there for a bit and kept returning to the spot. I had to make sure he wasn’t there on my way out to make sure I wasn’t wrongly accused of ferret napping. Elinor on the other hand had her matronly instincts to deal with. While she liked the toolbox, she had a higher interest in the dryer, I’m assuming she saw in it a nice comfy room free from the mischievous eyes of her house mates.

However, they both were cross with me in the end, Elinor because I sealed up her house and Teddy because I wouldn’t leave the toolbox for him to nap in. Oh well, you can’t win them all!

Happy New Year to all my clients! Thanks for your support!

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If You Are Looking To Relocate To Mt Pleasant.

One of the nicer neighborhoods we do a lot of repairs in is I’on Village in Mt Pleasant.

Just a short drive from the Ravenal Bridge and Old Mount Pleasant is a splendid community that integrates green spaces, schools, homes, businesses and recreation areas to create the one and only neighborhood of I’On. This community took the best of European and Old South architecture and layout styles as inspiration during construction.

The raised foundations, double verandas, wide porches, plantation shutters, Lowcountry styles, architectural details and attention to design are truly beautiful and create a graceful and charming atmosphere.

The park-like settings of the homes amid ponds, lakes, canals, green spaces and woodlands add to the atmosphere. The neighbors walk and bike from place to place, greeting each other from porches and sidewalks.

I’On Town Square is the business district and is a gathering place for socializing and meeting friends for lunch, dinner or drinks. Here you will find boutiques, restaurants, business services and more. The I’On Trust, formed by neighbors to promote arts and education, sponsors many events during the year such as movies on the green, concerts, dancers and speakers in the Amphitheater, and craft and art shows.

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Changing Refrigerator Water Filter

Changing your refrigerator’s water filter, how often should you do it? Should you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations exactly or can you push it a little? Can you disregard them entirely? In most cases, because of the way the filters are made, with plastic that you can’t see through, you can’t see the consequences of not changing your water filter.

Reason why you should change your refrigerator water filter

It is important that you change your refrigerator water filter regularly.

I should also be the first one to admit that I myself have been quite skeptical of manufacturer’s recommendations in this area. But then a few weeks ago, while checking a refrigerator that was not cooling well, I pulled the water filter out to have a look at it and was suprised to find that it was clear and I could see the inner workings of the filter, I was also a little shocked by what I found there.

As you can see, debris and all sorts of various other things have a tendency to accumulate and gather in these filters. Because all your water dispensed via the door and all water for the production of ice comes through this filter and because everyone in your family and house will be drinking it, you want to make sure yours doesn’t look like the one pictured above.

By changing your refrigerator’s water filer every six months, you can minimize your family’s exposure to harmful substances that may be in your tap water or ice. If you need help in replacing or repairing a water filter, give us a call today.

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Commercial Washer Repair Mt Pleasant

For those of you not aware of it, we also offer commercial washer and dryer repairs for any type of facility which uses commercial laundry equipment. In fact, our owner, Brett Singleton learned his trade in his families chain of laundromats, one of which is still in operation today in the Sea Island shopping center.

Veterinary Specialty Care

Veterinary Specialty Care

This is another area in which we offer emergency services as well. Last weekend we were called out by one of our clients who uses our services exclusively for their commercial washer repair. Veterinary Specialty Care in Mt Pleasant gave us a call around 1:30 pm on a Saturday because their washer had broken and they could not use it.

This is a big deal for the Vets and staff there because they are open 24/7 and they are constantly sanitizing and washing the blankets and other materials they use to treat their patients with. Needless to say, having to make trips to a laundromat throws their medical routines out of whack.

We responded immediately and were able to get their washer back up and running within a few hours. So if you have a problem and need service immediately, give us a call at 843 751 4883. Whether your washer holds one or twenty loads, we can usually get it back in service the same day!

And if you need professional help with your pet of any kind, call the professionals at Veterinary Specialty Care at 843-216-7554. Like us, they offer emergency service around the clock.

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