LG Refrigerator Repair Mt Pleasant SC

LG Refrigerator Repair Mt Pleasant

LG Refrigerator Repair in Mt Pleasant

LG Refrigerator Repair in Mt Pleasant

It’s driving the owners crazy and I can see why, their LG refrigerator is making a series of beeps every hour and flashing an error code, E followed by rf.

This code signifies an issue with the evaporator fan motor system. I replaced the fan motor a few months back when it failed, unfortunately now the computer board that powers it has failed as well.

Too explain, these fan motors were once almost fool proof reliable, back in the days when they operated on 110 volts ac electricity.

But then the greedy corporate engineers switched those fans out for cheap 12 volt dc fans, dc is the voltage your car is powered on, and they have been nothing but trouble ever since.

The issues is that they have to have a transformer on the computer board to produce the 12 volt dc, they use the cheapest ones they can find knowing that when they fail, the homeowner will have to replace the whole computer board to get a solution and often the evaporator fan motor as well.

The solution, we have another computer board ordered and on the way and we’ll update this post as soon as it’s installed. Contact us today at 843 568 5936 if you need help with your LG Refrigerator!


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