Maytag Dryer Repair in Mt Pleasant

Maytag 5000 Series Dryer Repair.

Maytag Dryer Repair

Maytag Dryer Repair

I repair a lot of Maytag Dryers with a wide variety of things going wrong. This one, however, is a little unusual, it is running for a while and then throwing the breaker and cutting off the machine. It will run fine if you turn it on fluff and there is no heat being applied, but if you turn it on a heated cycle, it will heat for a bit and then throw the breaker. I suspect something is shorting to the frame and causing a ground short.

Luckily on these Maytag 5000 series, you have a front access panel which will make the job of confirming my diagnosis a little easier.

As usual, if you are attempting to trouble shoot this type of issue yourself, follow all recommended safety procedures and be sure to turn the power off or unplug the machine before you go poking your hands in it.

On this particular machine, the owner has already tried replacing the thermal cut off switch, an idea he got from Youtube. I  run into this quite a bit, owners calling me in after their guess has gone wrong. Sometimes they guess right and sometimes wrong. It’s often smarter though, to not guess and actually use a meter to confirm what the actual issue is.

After running some diagnostic tests, I discovered that the dryer is fine, pulling exactly the amount of amperage it is supposed to and has no ground shorts whatsoever, it appears that the breaker in the main breaker box is faulty and not able to handle the load required by the dryer.

At this point, as I am not licensed to do electrical work, I have to hand off this repair to a licensed electrician to replace the breaker.

If you are having similar issues, give me a call at 843 568 5836 and we can take of trouble shooting your Maytag Dryer problems.


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